Policy relating to juniors training and playing in adult teams

The Club is committed to developing players from whichever age they join the Club and runs a a thriving Mini section for players under 12 and a strong junior section for those under 18.

 Under England Hockey rules players cannot participate in adult hockey leagues until they reach their 13th birthday. 

The Club wishes to give sufficiently mature juniors the opportunity to practice with adults by playing in adult leagues, any parent whose son or daughter would like to play in an adult league at 13  should as a first step speak to the age group coach ensure playing in a senior team is the right development pathway for the player.

Parents should also watch  adult matches at the level their child will play.  Some of the opposition players in the lower leagues are not as skilled and controlled as those playing at a good level and games can be very physical.

It is essential that parents and players are aware of the different aspects of hockey to which players will be exposed when playing against bigger and stronger (but not necessarily better) players.


Juniors Playing in Adult Teams 

Club membership  includes this declaration.


I recognise that hockey can be a dangerous sport.  Whilst the club has public liability and other insurances I acknowledge that I am primarily responsible for my own welfare and that of my children and guests and am aware of the risks of playing sport and of my children playing and watching sport. If there is any emergency (whether through accident, illness or otherwise) then I wish you to take all such reasonable steps as you think necessary or appropriate to deal with my (or my child’s) illness or accident.  I expressly give consent to the club’s coach, physiotherapist, welfare officer, nurse, first aid officer or other club officer to take such action as they, in their objective opinion believe to be best at the time to protect, heal and save me or my child.

I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to ensure that I and my children are playing with the correct equipment and it is not the responsibility of the club to provide me or my children with any such equipment.

I have read the club’s code of conduct and agree to follow it.

The parent must be at the match throughout and will be responsible for taking the child to and bringing the child home from the match.

The Club’s safeguarding policy will apply  in connection with all aspects of the player’s involvement in hockey at the Club.