St Ives Tournament Report.

Well, as they say, it was “wonderful weather for ducks” on Sunday when 8 CCJHC teams ventured to St Ives for the first Cambridgeshire Club Hockey Tournament. Furthermore, the St Ives pitch is known for being a little exposed, but this did not stop our intrepid junior hockey players, administrators and coaches from attending.

There was a bit of last minute rigging of the schedule as some other teams were not able to attend but this did not affect the spirit of the event which was to have fun, play hockey and generally enjoy a day out – many thanks to St Ives HC for making everything work – even under water !

The u8s played with spirit, determination and some amazing skill and won more than they lost – scoring lots of goals and defending with lots of energy and enthusiasm – jumping back as we call it in training. The u10s players did look cold at times but again played with energy and great spirit – again winning more than they lost.

The u12s boys and girls played on a larger pitch meaning they got to really stretch their legs and fitness – also meaning they kept warmer than the coaches! And, despite the odd slip up due to wet stick grips they all demonstrated some super attacking hockey, great teamship and determination to win. Just like the other age groups they all won more than they lost – and the particularly hard fought CCJHC U11B versus CCJHC U12B was fiercely contested with U12B just coming out on top 2:1.

Many thanks must go to all the parents, administrators and coaches who braved the inclement weather and made the event work – the plethora of umbrellas made for welcome intermittent shelter for the coaches – but despite weather efforts all the smiles and happy faces, goal celebrations and excited conversations of the juniors made it all worthwhile.

Some maybe unaware that we were also able to run training for all age groups at Wilberforce Rd. at the same time as the St. Ives tournament – so thank you to all the volunteers, coaches and administrators who braved the same wet weather to ensure everyone got their Sunday hockey fix – a great sign of the depth and commitment of the club supporters and volunteers.

Paul Denny-Gouldson 

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